Why isn’t Trump doing anything about the invasion of “refugees”?It is an invasion! He sees it as such, but is silent on the solution only fools continue the lunitic acceptance of [the refugees]these totally useless boils on the butt of a sick earth. And hopefully the sane white people can flee to Russia where ,surely Putin will bring them in and protect the  Russian Borders against these insects from the black abyss. Gospodin Putin, if you do not do something, Russia is next; you’ve been warned! CME! Cannisters  of mass pest control is needed. your nations, Europe, are so heavily infested, you must evacuate your homes and fumigate the entire European dwelling. the  Roach infeststaion is horrendous. Rats? what about the rats? they are flooding your Europe from their command post in IsRAhell. Caveat!

Gospodin Putin, why do you think Russia is safe from these demons?

How it happened:

Good vs. Mo Betta part one (?) I was allowed in the meeting because I knew the password: Auschwitz. The year was 1888. Some Jews were planning a small event, WWI, to augment a larger plan: destruction of America, which was to be completed by the year 2020.This was their “view” 2020. The Jew in […]